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Happy Diwali on The World for 10-23

Happy Diwali. More on the Hindu Festival of Lights in just a minute.

First though, we turn our attention to Canada, which is still reeling after a gunman opened fire in and around the Parliament buildings in the capital, Ottawa. We'll get the latest on the investigation into the motivation of the suspected perpetrator, a Muslim convert by the name of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. We'll also dig in and find out how our neighbors north of the border are dealing with the notion of homegrown terrorism.

Also, Marco speaks with Shoana Solomon, the Liberian woman behind an online campaign called "I am a Liberian, Not a Virus." Solomon initiated the effort after her daughters, currently enrolled in US schools, were insulted by classmates. 

Contributor Alina Simone punches up the quirk in the show by giving us a story about Soviet prison tattoos. That's some ink!

And now, back to Diwali. Essayist Deepak Singh grew up celebrating Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights. He always wanted to use sparkly ones, but his father always told him they were too expensive. Fast forward to the India of today when sparkly lights are everywhere, but Indians are being discouraged from using them. You'll have to tune in to The World to find out why.