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Why Does a Country Need Its own Typeface--Find out on The World for 10-29

What does a typeface say about a country? They're about to find out in Sweden. More on that in a minute.

Today's edition of The World focuses heavily on immigration, both here in the United States and in Europe. We'll head first to Italy, which is on the front lines of the battle to stop illegal immigration from Africa into Europe. The European Union recently decided to send a message to would-be immigrants: we're not going to save you if your boat is sinking. It's a policy shift that's causing major debate in Europe.

Closer to home, we'll take a look at the workers who helped clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. The vast majority of those workers were undocumented immigrants, and David Noriega has profiled some of them for Buzzfeed.

And did you catch that dramatic footage of the Antares rocket blowing up seconds after launching in Virginia? It was filled with equipment and experiments headed for the International Space Station. Among the experiments were some designed by some now very disappointed high school students in Kamloops, Canada.

And, back to the font. It's called Swedish Sans, and it's been named Sweden's national font. Why does a country need it's own typeface? Good question, and we'll try to answer it with one of the people behind Sweden's new font.