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A Bike Path That Doubles as a Solar Array on The World for 11-12

How's this for sustainable: a bicycle path that doubles as a solar energy array. More on that story in a minute.

The climate is our main story today on the show, with a focus on the deal inked today by the United States and China. Carol Hills, in the chair today for Marco Werman, will find out more about what two of the globe's biggest polluters have agreed to, and whether or not it can actually be implemented.

We'll also head to Lebanon for the third part of our week-long series, Young Lebanon. Today, reporter Ari Daniel introduces you to Ryan and Noor. Ryan is Druze, and Noor is Sunni, and both are trying to get along in one of the most incongruously sectarian countries in the world.

Carol will also speak with the man behind a phone hotline that's been set up in New York City to help African immigrant communities deal with the stigma of Ebola

OK, back to that cycle path. It's in bike-friendly Holland, and it's made of special solar panels. Reporter Anna Holligan tells us about the path, and about how, if it works, many more miles of road may one day be soaking up the sun. You know, if it's ever sunny in Holland. We have our doubts.