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President Obama's Speech is Reviewed on The World for 9-21

A day after the President announces his way forward on immigration, a lot of folks -- including our newsroom -- are asking, "OK, what next?"

The President heads to Las Vegas today, where he plans to sign the executive order enacting the immigration plan he announced last night. Our Global Nation editor Monica Campbell has been taking the pulse of undocumented immigrants, some of whom will be helped by the President's plan, and others who won't. We'll also speak with Clara Del Villar, CEO of Hispanic Post magazine. She has serious reservations about the President's plan.

We'll also check in with the situation in Ukraine, a year after those protests first began on Maidan Square. Now many of those original protestors are part of the government, but you'd be hard-pressed to find people who think Ukraine's problems are even close to being solved.

And we'll be checking in with The World's own Jeb Sharp, who has spent the last week and a half in South Africa reporting on women's issues for our new, year-long project called Across Women's Lives. Jeb will tell us about some of the South Africans she's met and photographed.