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The World Focuses on Ukraine for 2-5

We're focusing in on Ukraine today. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kiev, along with his Russian and European counterparts, to try and reach a deal to end the fighting in Ukraine. We'll get the latest from Kiev.

Plus, regular contributor Marine Olivesi has the story of a French father who went to Syria on a search for his sons, both of whom had joined ISIS. Host Marco Werman will also check in with John Horgan, an expert on efforts to reform young extremists who have returned from the fight.

Also, President Obama's prayer breakfast had a special guest this morning...the Dalai Lama. Foreign Policy's Isaac Stone Fish has been writing about what happens to a country's trade relations with China after such a meeting takes place. Believe us, the economic effects are tangible, to say the least.

Ari Daniel reports that humans have been saying "uh" and "um" probably for as long as we've had language-about 100,000 years. Linguists say that these "speech disfluencies" are not only an intrinsic part of language, but that they have communicative function as well. How have they evolved, and how do they differ from one language to the next?