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Peace Deal in the Making for Ukraine on the World for 2-12

A peace deal.  Maybe.

The White House says that the peace deal on Ukraine signed overnight has the potential to end the conflict.  Today on "The World" we'll hear that in Russia and Ukraine itself there's much skepticism about that.

Also, we all know gas prices have been going down. But the opposite is about to be true in the country with the cheapest gas in the world. Venezuela's economy is in ruins, so the government there can no longer afford to subsidize prices at the pump. That means the days of 4 cents a gallon gas are about to come to an end.

We'll also pay a visit to the Canadian town that's celebrating being cast as Schitt's Creek in the TV show of the same name.

And we'll meet American Odin Biron. Sure, you probably haven't heard of him, but he's a household name in Russia.  Biron stars in a Scrubs-like sitcom that's a bona-fide TV hit -- no question he's the most popular American in Russia right now, and that's saying something.  Well, this week, he went public with his sexuality. We'll tell you what happened next, later, on The World.