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Hear How Locals Feel About the Atlantic-Pacific Canal Project in Nicaragua On The World for 2-199

Greenland like you've never seen it. More on that in a minute.

First, though, the Obama Administration has convened an international meeting in Washington this week to try to figure out how best to counter Islamic State's messaging and recruiting tactics. We're trying to find out more about what the President has in mind, and also take a look at the fate of similar programs in Britain.

Plus, we travel to Nicaragua to find out how locals feel about their country's massive new Atlantic-Pacific canal project. It has a lot to do with how Nicaraguans feel about the Sandinistas, the former leftist revolutionaries now running the country. China is also heavily involved in the canal project, and that has us wondering about Chinese investment across Latin America. Host Carol Hills will speak with Boston University professor Kevin Gallagher, who studies this very thing.

Also, we'll speak to one young woman who wants to go to Mars. In fact, she wants to have the first baby born on Mars. Ambitious, and perhaps slightly  .......... well you decide after you hear what she has to say

OK, back to Greenland. You know Google Street View, right? Well, imagine being able to take a tour of Greenland's natural wonders right on your laptop or mobile phone. Tune in today to hear more!