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More on teh Life of the Inventor of the Datsun Z Car on The World for 2-24

Mysteries both above and below ground today on The World. We'll explain in a minute.

We head first to northern Syria, where dozens of Christians have been abducted by ISIS. We'll find out more about these Christian communities, and why they're being targeted by Islamic militants. Plus, we'll tell you about one Coptic Christian in Egypt whose You Tube video asking for forgiveness for ISIS has gone viral. Also, host Marco Werman talks to Imam Mohamed Magid, a Washington, DC-area Muslim leader who has been tapped by the Obama Administration to provide guidance on keeping young people from joining ISIS.

And remember the Datsun Z-car? Sharp, fast and sporty, the car made waves when it hit the US market back in the early 1970s. The man behind it died recently at the age of 105. We'll find out more about the life and work of Yutaka Katayama.

OK, back to those mysteries. Officials in Toronto have announced they've found a well-developed, human-made tunnel right under one of the venues for the upcoming Pan American Games. We'll get the latest on that from the CBC's John Lancaster. And above ground, Parisians have been wondering why drones are flying around some of the city's most famous monuments. No one seems to know who is piloting them, or why. Correspondent Vivienne Walt tells us more.