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Homeland Security is the Topic for The World for 2-25

An American chef won Naples' famed World Pizza Cup? Impossible you say? More in just a minute.

First, though, we're taking a hard look at Homeland Security on The World today. With a budget impasse looming, and the threat of at least a partial shutdown, we have some questions about what, exactly, the Department of Homeland Security does, and how much funding it takes to do it. Security expert Juliette Khayyam will help host Marco Werman and the rest of us sort it all out.

Also, President Obama's veto of the Keystone Pipeline measure raises some interesting questions about all of the different ways oil gets transported across North America. Jack Cushman of Inside Climate News joins us to chat about it.

Speaking of transportation, we've also got the story of one of the most dangerous roads in South America. It's so dangerous that it's been closed to cars and trucks, but that hasn't stopped bicyclists from testing their fortitude on it. Reporter John Otis has that story.

Right, back to pizza.  New York chef Tony Gemignani loves Neapolitan pizza. He also loves to compete. And so a few years back, Gemignani put it all to the test by entering the World Pizza Cup in Naples. Find out how he won later today on the show.