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Dear Listeners,

Just over a year ago WMOT hosted our last live shows, a Finally Friday featuring Caleb Caudle, a Wired In with Jesse Dayton, The Mastersons and India Ramey and then, a benefit at City Winery with more than a dozen artists, to raise funds tornado relief. And then suddenly our stages were silenced by the pandemic.

It has been a difficult year of distancing and separation and through it all WMOT has been here, connecting us through independent American Roots music – playing freely for all.

WMOT is an important community resource, bringing harmony out of a disorderly day, beauty to a gray afternoon, inspiration to your evening – a groundbreaking balance just when you need it most.

For you... that’s why WMOT is here. Because of you... that’s how WMOT is here! That’s why during our Spring Member Drive, March 22-28 we are asking you to be here for us.

For WMOT to be strong, for the music to keep playing when the need for it is so great, we count on your strong support. The simple truth is that listener donations like yours are the most powerful part of WMOT’s funding base.

Please take a moment today to make your generous contribution to WMOT.

Individual donors have always been our most important and dependable source of support, and that is why WMOT is fundamentally strong. But we are not immune to the current financial challenges. Your donation right now makes a big difference in our ability to provide this essential public service to you and to all Middle Tennesseans .

WMOT, radio of, by and for the people, is here for you, and we’re asking you to be here for us. Give generously today and know you are making a huge difference.

Every listener, member and donor can be part of our vital public service in new and bold ways, and we can meet this challenge together. We are so grateful. 

Val Hoeppner

Executive Director, WMOT 89.5

P.S.     Great music on WMOT grounds you in inspiration, creativity, and passion each time you connect. This essential public service for Nashville and Middle Tennessee is possible only because generous listener support is behind it. Please take a moment to donate today.

Val Hoeppner is the executive director of WMOT 89.5, executive producer of Wired In, 895 Fest, 895 Sessions, 895 Feast and the AmericanaFest Day Stage presented by WMOT, World Cafe and NPR Music. Hoeppner joined WMOT in 2014 and helped transition WMOT from mixed format to American Roots in 2016.