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Make Your Year-End Contribution to WMOT and Great Music Today

Music has a different feel when it’s chosen by a curious, knowledgeable host instead of a computer. Algorithms know how to put songs and artists together based on genre, release date, or beats per minute. But only people can make connections that engage your mind, warm your heart and soothe your soul.

The music on WMOT is chosen by music lovers. It’s supported by music lovers too.

Financial contributions from our listeners make up the biggest share of the funding that keeps the music playing on WMOT.

Your one-time, monthly or additionalgift today is tax-deductible and will help keep WMOT strong in 2023.

You can give the gift of music and membership using our gift membership donationform and naming the gift recipient in the "Gift In Memory of" section or give us a call at 615-898-2800.

So how about making your year-end contribution right now?

Thank you for your support,

Val Hoeppner, Executive Director/WMOT