Bob Dylan


The household of songwriters Emma Swift and Robyn Hitchcock has become a notable East Nashville nexus of international art and intrigue. He’s from England and she is from Australia, and in recent years, they’ve lived and toured together. Most of the time, she’s sung in support of his acclaimed psychedelic roots rock and sometimes the focus is on her thoughtful neo-country. One important thing they have in common is an abiding love of Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan's Songs Get A Symphonic Setting

Jan 14, 2020

Bob Dylan may be history’s ultimate embodiment of the folk singer raising his lone voice against injustice and calling for change. But what if those famous lyrics were sung by a hundred voices? What different kind of power could they have?

This week’s episode of The String is devoted to Bob Dylan’s masterpiece Blonde On Blonde, recorded in Nashville in 1966. The featured guest is Nashville music journalist Daryl Sanders whose new book That Thin Wild Mercury Sound digs deep in to how and why those sessions took place here and how Dylan and the Nashville Cats achieved a sound Dylan had been chasing.