jake blount


Jake Blount recalls a day in 2011 when he happened upon a restaurant venue during a city-based music festival in Washington DC and learned more than one thing that would change his life. “I ran into this band,” he says - Megan Jean and Byrne Klay of Charleston, SC. “It was a woman playing a washboard and a guy playing a banjo. And they had a totally different sound than anything I’d heard, largely because he was playing clawhammer style, and I’d never seen that done before.” Mark this as epiphany number one.

You can think outside the box all you like, but the important corollary to that advice is to never fall out of love with the box. Americana and roots music at its best plays and inside-outside game. It’s not a format that routinely embraces the avant-garde, but it’s a lot of fun when there’s a hint of the weird, the obscure or the brave in the mix. Here are six new albums featuring virtuoso musicians mingling the foundational and the free, ready to take you on some unexpected trips.  


Jake Blount - Spider Tales - Free Dirt Records