Liner Notes

WMOT Liner Notes is a place for music lovers to catch up on album releases, live video streams and behind the scenes news. 

Curtis Wayne Millard

Zach Schmidt was one of the first artists I played when I started The Local Brew Hour two years ago. That was from his 2016 album The Day We Lost The War. To say his new album has been a long time coming would be stating it mildly. After losing two record deals and surviving the pandemic, release day for Raise A Banner is finally here!  I can definitely say, it was worth the wait. Zach plays a set at noon today for Finally Friday From Home on WMOT. We chatted about the obstacles he overcame to get this record out and the joy of making music.

Josh Rish / Von Reisch Photography

Discovering new local music during the pandemic has been… different. Challenging, really. But once the word spreads about an outlet for local music discovery, the flood gates open up and it’s fantastic! I used to think being the person at a record label that listened to submissions would be a fun job, in hopes of discovering music that would move me to the point of wanting to make sure everyone else knew about a particular artist.

Rachel Hurley

After a battle with cancer, a devastating divorce, and a nervous breakdown, DL Rossi is about to release his third album, Lonesome Kind April 16th. While Rossi has built a following on his brand of introspective singer-songwriter rock, this album explores some different, sort of more loose, even uplifting sounds to accompany the melancholy. He’s released two singles from the album so far, “Whiskey” and “Tumbling”.

Oceana Colgan

Born in Italy to a Sicilian-American father and a Guatemalan mother, Cristina Vane grew up between England, France and Italy and was just 18 years old when she came to the United States for college. After four years in Los Angeles, she’d built a pretty solid Instagram following and with the help of her fans, booked herself a cross-country tour, grabbed her resonator guitar and set out to play her original songs across the landscape where the music she loves was born.


Throughout this pandemic year a couple of themes kept surfacing: How important music is, and how necessary radio has become. It is almost like it was a rediscovery of what is important to our lives, as we stayed put and didn’t go to work, venues, or stores, even. This week is WMOT’s Spring Fund Drive, and as you have conveyed that we have helped you through, we are now asking for your support. Please give what you are able to at, whether it’s a one-time, monthly or yearly tax-deductible donation, whatever fits your budget.