Liner Notes

WMOT Liner Notes is a place for music lovers to catch up on album releases, live video streams and behind the scenes news. 

Chad Cochran

It’s been about ten years since Andrew Leahey landed in Nashville. The Richmond, Virginia native spent time in New York City and Ann Arbor working on his music and his career as a music journalist; you’ve likely seen his byline in Rolling Stone or American Songwriter. He’s a gifted wordsmith and melody maker, and an ace guitarist. In 2013 he underwent a twelve hour surgery to remove a tumor in his brain near or on his hearing nerve. It took some time, but he’s fully recovered now and giving us some great original music!


Jazz, pop, soul, blues… it’s all part of the sound from MELD – the music moniker for Melanie Dewey, a Nashville songwriter and musician with a rich and bold voice. Bold lyrically, musically and visually as evidenced in the gorgeous deep blue colors in her album artwork. The image evokes a cool bluesy jazz sound which is just part of the blend in this unique artist’s style. In a trying year for her personally, in addition to the collective stress of living through a pandemic and contentious election season, MELD released her debut full length album, Words of The Water.

Nashville’s Cordovas, the psychedelic country rock band with history from Los Angeles to Baja, Mexico to Music By God City, has joined WMOT’s Americana adventure with their own show, Strange Roots Radio. It’s two hours of deep-cutting exploration from the American South and beyond, exploring the fringe of the American canon’s fabric, according to the band’s shamanistic front man and voice of SRR, Joe Firstman. 

Strange Roots Radio will launch on January 17 and air weekly on Sunday nights from 10 pm until midnight. 

Heidi Rolf

Born in Memphis, Tennessee and growing up on gospel and country music in Mississippi, Nashville’s Matt Hectorne sounds like he is well aware of the musical roots of his home states, although he doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. His unique take on classic influences gives the listener just enough nostalgia to be drawn in and the way each song develops holds your interest plus will keep you humming these catchy melodies for days on end. My first experience with Matt’s music was back in 2013 when he handed me a copy of his album, Matt Hectorne and The Family Tree.

Marcus King got together with WMOT host Jessie Scott for a Words & Music session to talk about life in quarantine and to look forward to The Grammys. King's album El Dorado has been nominated for Best Americana album. The Grammy ceremony will take place on January 31st. Songs are Wildflowers & Wine, Beak and Love Song.