Liner Notes

WMOT Liner Notes is a place for music lovers to catch up on album releases, live video streams and behind the scenes news. 

Madeleine Donovan

If you’ve been in Nashville for any amount of time pre-pandemic, and you enjoy going to live shows or just listening to music – I’m assuming you do – then you’ve likely heard Thom Donovan. He’s produced several artists in town, played on many recordings and most recently has been the lead guitar slinger in Will Hoge’s band. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Thom moved to Nashville in 2010 a couple of years after the break-up of his band Lapush. He also had a brief stint in the early 2000’s with Capitol Records recording artist, STIR. I loved that band in the 90s!

Chris Phelps

This week there is captivating new music from Sam Morrow, Chris Smither, and the long sought after album by New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers.


Sam Morrow is a difficult artist to pin to a definable genre. On one album he is performing straightforward acoustic ballads and on another album, he sounds like a swill drinkin’ vagabond bouncing from one saloon to the next. Marrow’s obsessive pursuit of creativity never allows his music to stand in one genre for too long. 


Bridgette Aikens

Sadler Vaden
“Best Days” – single and video release September 9, 2020

“Watch It Fall” by Billy Strings, track six on his breakthrough album Home from 2019, isn’t a train song, but it rolls like one with sonic echoes of Norman Blake’s “Ginseng Sullivan” and Doc Watson’s “Greenville Trestle High.” And it becomes one in the video released last week. The film by the artists collective INDECLINE updates and refreshes familiar bluegrass concepts - riding the rails,  great American landscapes, saying something meaningful. But it’s an angry, almost radical folk song.

James Paul Mitchell

When I first heard Kristina Murray sing, I was reminded of growing up with my parents’ record collection; albums by Loretta, Bobbie Gentry, Johnny, Waylon, my mom’s Hank Williams 78s from when she was a teenager in the 50s and too many to mention. There was a familiar sound and feel but with a more current edge in Kristina’s songs. Before quarantine, you’d find her performing regularly at the American Legion Post 82’s Honky-Tonk Tuesdays, where she’s been singing since she first came to town from her native Georgia in 2014.