Public Radio Music Day

A celebration of Public Radio music stations like WMOT.

Will Hoge is debuting his song "The Curse" on WMOT today to celebrate Public Radio Music Day. Hoge will release his album Tiny Little Movies June 26, 2020. 

Hoge was one of the artists who helped launch WMOT Roots Radio Sept. 2, 2016 and his special Public Radio Music Day video set from home is a continuation of his relationship with public radio music stations.

Val Hoeppner / WMOT

Honestly, we couldn't say it better than The War and Treaty does. Tanya and Michael Trotter both discovered music on public radio music stations. WMOT and pubic radio throughout the country welcomed the duo and amplified their music. Get inspired by their Public Radio Music Day Ambassador message and video from some of their WMOT performances.

Val Hoeppner / WMOT

WMOT and public radio stations throughout the country introduce you to new music and connect you with artist. To celebrate Public Radio Music Day, April 16, 2020 we put together a playlist of some of our discoveries during the past year.

Val Hoeppner / WMOT

WMOT and our video crew spent two days in February shooting music videos with Will Hoge, Sierra Hull, Katie Pruitt, Brian Wright, Tim O'Brien Band, Michaela Anne and Maya de Vitry. This playlist and collection of artists is a just a slice of the American Roots music you hear on WMOT. 

Starting at 9 a.m. April 16 WMOT will play 15 hours of concerts recorded at WMOT Wired In, 895 Sessions, 895 Fest and the AmericanaFest Day Stage.