Watch live video events and cuts from our video archive of Wired In, interviews and 895 Sessions.

Blues artist, Selwyn Birchwood joins Words and Music to talk about his new album 'Living In A Burning House' and performs "One More Time", "I Got Drunk, Laid and Stoned" and "Searching for My Tribe".

Nashville singer-songwriter Amy Speace joins host, Jessie Scott for Words and Music. Speace talks about her new album, 'There Used to Be Horses Here' and performs "There Used To Be Horses Here", "River Rise" and "Down the Trail".

Steve Poltz performs an extended Words and Music set to mark the one-year anniversary of the All Hands On Deck tornado benefit show for Nashville. WMOT will replay the benefit show on the radio March 11 starting at 7 p.m. CT.

Steep Canyon Rangers, Woody Platt and Graham Sharp join host, Jessie Scott for Words and Music. The band shares recordings of “Every River”, “Sunny Days” and “Honey on My Tongue” from their new album, ‘Arm In Arm’.

Val Hoeppner / WMOT

Watch the full Wired In session with Liz Longley from East Iris Studios in Nashville. Longley performs songs from her album Funeral For My Past. Longley also tells the story of the long journey of the album and how she ended up  co-writing with a 7-year-old. 

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