Watch live video events and cuts from our video archive of Wired In, interviews and 895 Sessions.

Twisted Pine performs songs from their new album 'Right Now' to celebrate its release. The band gets creative, staging a show at the Canada/U.S. border during quarantine, using green screens and guest performers to bring together a unique pandemic party. 


Special guests include Sierra Hull, Jerry Douglas, Liv Greene, Kevin Barry, Lyle Brewer, Jacob Jolliff and Dean Mahoney.



Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean, the husband and wife duo, Ida Mae speak with host Jessie Scott for Words and Music from quarantine in the U.K. Chris and Stephanie perform: "Break the Shadows", "Raining for You" and "Deep River" from their new album ‘Raining for You’.

Will Kimbrough and host, Jessie Scott talk about writing and recording his album ’Spring Break’ during quarantine and how the death of John Prine affected him. Kimbrough performs, "The Late Great John Prine Blues" and "My Right Wing Friend" from his album, 'Spring Break'.

Dianne Davidson speaks with Words and Music host, Jessie Scott about being authentic and what it once cost her. Davidson performs songs from her new album, Perigon: Full Circle. Set list: "Subtle Touch", "Sounds of The City" and "The Island".

Suzanne Santo joins host, Jessie Scott for Words and Music from her home in Los Angeles. Santo performs new songs "Fall for That" and "Mercy", along with "Best Out of Me" from 2017.