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Nashville artist Lera Lynn performs new songs, “Make You Ok” and “Dark Horse” on WMOT’s Words and Music. Lynn speaks with host, Jessie Scott about painting, her new album 'On My Own' and motherhood.

Nashville-based artist, Allison Moorer performs  "Bring Me All Your Lovin" and "The Ties That Bind" during our Words and Music session from her home. Moorer speaks with host, Jessie Scott about writing books, songs and playing shows in the pandemic.


Nashville singer-songwriter, Katie Pruitt talks with host, Jessie Scott for Words and Music from her home in Nashville. Pruitt performs "Expectations", "My Mind's A Ship (That's Going Down)" and a new single, "Look The Other Way".

Lydia Loveless joins Jessie Scott for Words and Music from her home in North Carolina. Loveless performs "Never" and "Say My Name" from her album, 'Daughter'. 



Val Hoeppner / WMOT

WMOT Wired In (Virtually) with Brennen Leigh from East Iris Studios in Nashville, was recorded in September, 2020 at East Iris Studios in Nashville. Leigh and her band play songs from her most recent album, Prairie Love Letter


Set list:

The North Dakota Cowboy

The John Deere H

Little Blue Eyed Dog

Never Been to North Dakota

Billy & Beau

Don't You Know I'm From Here