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Students Protest Rule Changes at Vandy

photo courtesy Brandon Lyle
Students conduct a silent protest on the Vanderbilt campus Feb. 10 in reaction to changes in university policy regarding the membership of student organizations

MURFREESBORO, Tenn  (WMOT)  --  More than 100 students gathered on the Vanderbilt campus this morning to protest changes the university recently made to its policies governing student organizations.

The new policies require that, to remain certified, student organizations must allow any student to join and also allow all-comers to stand for leadership positions in the group.

The policy is being contested, largely by Christian groups, that insist their officers must be students who share their core beliefs.

Vandy Med Student Stephen Kappa was one of the students attending the protest.

"Administrators are ultimately trying to protect students, but what I've seen is that that the intent of protecting students from discrimination is very distinct from the policy itself adn the ultimate effect of the policy which has been disproportionately affecting faith-based organizations on campus."

Kappa says the event was timed to begin this morning as members of the Vanderbilt Board of Trustees were scheduled to arrive for a board meeting, but he says the students never saw the board members.

About 20 counter protesters who support the policy change were also on hand.



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