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State PTA Pres. Disturbed by Parental Invovlement Bills

NASHVILLE, Tenn (AP) — Tennessee lawmakers appear determined to legislate parent involvement in the education of their children and that has the head of the state Parent Teacher Association fired up.

Legislators are considering one measure that would have parents rate themselves on their level of involvement. A second proposal would ask school districts to develop a parental involvement contract .

Karen Davis, President of the Tennessee PTA is opposed to both measures.

“I don’t believe you can legislate parent engagement and involvement. And then there’s the difference between involvement and engagement. Parents don’t necessarily have to be on campus to be engaged at home helping their child with homework, asking their teachers questions, supporting the teachers that are supporting their students.”

Davis says her personal experience is that the only time most administrators want parent involvement is when it’s time to raise money for a school project. She says if schools really want more involvement then parents must be allowed more input into decisions involving their children’s education.