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Students Converge on Murfreesboro for Arts School

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (NELSON)  --  About 250 high-school juniors and seniors from across Tennessee are attending the Governor’s School for the Arts. The school is being held again this year at Middle Tennessee State University.

Schools from all over Tennessee have students enrolled in the Governor’s School for the Arts.

The school is a month long, intensive program that allows students to focus on their areas of interest, dance, music, visual arts, filmmaking, and theater.

Murfreesboro eleventh graders Max Farley and Gaven Marlow are representing Siegel High.

HARLOW: “It’s definitely a challenge but it’s a good experience, it’s fun.” MARLOW: “Well, I feel by the end of it, it’s going to be a life changing experience and it really means me progressing through being a musician.”

MTSU music professor Dr. Raphael is the schools director with several of the university’s faculty members assisting as instructors.

Finale events and concerts will be held Thursday, June 28th.

Some of the performances are open to the public and will include an admission fee.

For more information go to www.gsfta.com