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Heat Deaths Feared As Temperatures Rise

MEMPHIS, Tenn (AP/WMOT) — The sick, elderly, or those who don't have an air conditioner are being urged to take special precautions as temperatures approach 100 degrees and the risk of heat-related deaths rises.

The National Weather Service says temperatures will climb into the triple-digits by Thursday in much of the state. Forecasters say in an advisory that it will feel like a "pressure cooker" here in the Mid-State by Friday.

Middle Tennessee Medical Center ER Doc Kevin Beier suggests when it’s time to seek medical care.

“If you find yourself out in the extreme heat and you’re feeling dizzy and weak, those are signs of an early heat illness. You need to remove yourself from the heat as soon as possible and drink lots of fluids. If you’re unable to keep down fluids and you’re vomiting and so forth, that’s the time when you need to seek medical treatment, especially if you have a high temperature.”

Dr. Beier stresses that it’s best to avoid heat illness in the first place by limiting your time in the heat, drinking lots of fluids, and staying in the company of others so you’ll have help if you succumb to the heat.