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Growing Number Getting News from YouTube

NEW YORK (AP/WMOT) — A new study finds that viewers are increasingly turning to YouTube for their news.

Earlier today, The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism released its examination of 15 months of the most popular Google news videos. It found that while viewership for traditional TV news still easily outpaces those consuming news on YouTube, the video-sharing site is an increasingly common choice for consumers.

Stephan Foust directs the Center for Innovation in Media at Middle Tennessee State. He says the trend is clear.

“We’re seeing a shift away from the idea of sitting and watching a news program with an anchor and being willing to wait for the one - or perhaps two - stories that you want to watch with that gatekeeper there taking us through the process. Now, increasingly, consumers across all demographics want what they want when they want it.”

Foust says the trend also means a change in the university classroom. Journalism students will no longer be able to specialize in print or broadcast news, but will have to show prospective employers they can work in any medium.