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Attorney Says Mosque Opponents Were "Robbed"

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The plaintiff’s attorney leading the two year-long court battle to stop construction of a new mosque in Murfreesboro has issued a scathing appraisal of federal involvement in the case.

Attorney Joe Brandon Jr. says his clients have been “robbed,” a word the lawyer says he uses "very intentionally." He notes that plaintiffs won their case in Rutherford County Chancery Court, only to have the decision voided in federal court.

Brandon says his office provided all the information the federal government requested, but complains he couldn’t get federal prosecutors to return his calls.

“And that was just simply so that they could operate in a clandestine manner, go to the federal court without any opposition, and attempt to – what I would call- perpetrate a fraud on the federal court to be able to get the relief they were seeking.”

Brandon says he met this week with the 17 plaintiffs in the case to explain to them what their options are going forward.  He says the plaintiffs are in the process of deciding how to proceed in the case.

For their part, Mosque leaders hope to occupy their new building in early August.