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Strong Reaction in Tenn. to Obama Gun Control Measures

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP/WMOT) — President Obama's proposals for curbing gun violence have drawn strong reaction here in Tennessee.

The president made his sweeping proposals Wednesday, a month after the Connecticut school shooting that left six teachers and 20 students dead. The president called for universal background checks and bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

State Rep. Joe Carr held a press conference here in Murfreesboro Wednesday afternoon, just minutes after the President spoke, to propose a state law making it a crime in Tennessee for federal agents to enforce any effort to ban firearms or ammunition.

Carr says the president's plan won’t prevent violence and he’s fed up with what he sees as federal overreach.

“Seems like every time we turn around, Washington has got a full out assault on our personal liberties and freedoms, but more importantly the sovereignty that the states have as found in the tenth amendment.”

The Tennessee Democratic Party was also quick to react to the president's proposals, issuing a press statement supporting the president's initiatives and condemning Rep. Carr's proposed legislation. Brandon Puttbrese is a party spokesman.

“That (Rep Carr's proposed measure) would actually criminalize the people who are trying to protect our families. It’s disgraceful and it’s shameful, and frankly it does nothing to reduce violence in our state which has one of the highest rates of gun violence in the nation.”

Controversial gun related measures are also expected to crop up again during this year's session of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Last year’s so-called “guns-in-trunks” bill - a measure that would allow employees to store personal weapons in their vehicles while at work, even if the employer objects - is likely to be re-introduced.