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Northern Rutherford County Sees Some Storm Damage Friday Morning

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The storm front that rumbled through Middle Tennessee at dawn Friday morning lost steam as it moved on to the Cumberland Plateau.

North Rutherford County bore the worst of the storm with reports of light, scattered damage in Smyrna and La Vergne. Terrell Kast is with the Rutherford County EMA.

“Generally and east track of some straight-line winds. Of course that’s what we think at this time. The National Weather Service is on the ground in those areas making their final assessment. If you think about a map it was generally due east from Jefferson Pike over.”

The City of La Vergne’s Kathy Tyson catalogs the damage there.

“Over by Wheeler Street we had Ideal Cabinet Shop lost a roof. We had some trees down in the road which our Public Works Department had to clear. We had a tree land on a car on Norfolk Drive. Then a lot of trees that had partially fallen and caught on wires. To our knowledge we didn’t have any power outages.”

The Weather Service says more storms are possible Friday afternoon, but the chance is much reduced.

There’s cooler weather behind the storm front. The mid-state will see a high in the upper 60s Friday afternoon. Overnight temperatures will fall into the 40s.