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Mid-state's Scott Hamilton creates videos for cancer survivors


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  Olympic Gold Medalist and Middle Tennessee resident Scott Hamilton has created a series of videos designed to provide hope for fellow cancer survivors.

Hamilton partnered with the Williamson County based health and wellness website YourCareEverywhere.com to create the online series.

To date, Hamilton has survived testicular cancer, as well as three separate, benign, brain tumors. In the seven part video series he talks about how frightened he was the day he received the initial diagnosis in 1997.

“I got something in front of me. I got to fight this thing. And all of a sudden I went from this cowering person just smothered in fear to just kind of like breaking out of it and going ‘Let’s get to work.’”

Hamilton has also partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to launch a cancer patient mentoring program. Hamilton’s 4th Angel project matches cancer survivors with cancer patients.

Hamilton says the project grew out of his personal battle with cancer. He says family, friends and his doctors were all supportive, but he really wanted to hear from a 4th person, someone who had lived the experience.

“I didn’t have anybody that was going to sit there and tell me ‘OK, when I did this, here’s how it went for me.’ Right? So we created the 4th Angel mentoring program and basically it’s paring newly diagnosed patients with survivors.”

You can learn more about the series by visiting YourCareEverywhere.com