Boeing officials get a bi-partisan drubbing from Tenn. Congressional Reps.

Nov 1, 2019

Family members hold photos of loved ones who died in two separate Boeing 737 Max airliner crashes during a Capitol Hill hearing on the tragedies in late October, 2019.

WASHINGTON, DC (OSBORNE) -- Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg this week faced a withering barrage of questions from Tennessee congressional reps on both sides of the political aisle. 


Muilenburg testified before the House and Senate about system failures that led to the downing of two Boeing 737 Max jets in 2018 and 2019. The crashes claimed 346 lives.


Republican Marsha Blackburn questioned Muilenburg's leadership at Boeing during a Senate hearing on Tuesday. 


“It is disconcerting to hear someone who’s to be the leader of a company to say ‘I wasn’t aware,’ or ‘I didn’t know,’ or ‘Nobody made be aware of that.’ You know, we call that ‘passing the buck.’”


The next day, West Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen gave the Boeing CEO and even more severe thrashing during a hearing in the U.S. House.


“These people’s relatives are not coming back. They’re gone. You’re salary is still on. Is anybody at Beoing taking a cut or working for free to try to rectify this problem?”

As Muilenburg testified, relatives of crash victims could be seen behind him holding large photos of their loved ones.

Would you like to watch video of Blackburn (starts at 2:02:00) and Cohen (starts at :58:00) questioning CEO Dennis Muilenburg?