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Can the Arts Help Students do Better in Math?

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (NELSON) -- More than 300 Tennessee education professionals are in the Mid-State this week to learn how to use the arts to make learning any subject more interesting.

The Tennessee Arts Commission is hosting their second annual Creativity in Education Institute July 15th-18th on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University. Entitled Create 2012 the Institute is a professional development opportunity for teachers, superintendents and principals.

The seminar’s purpose is to show educators how to incorporate the arts into math, science, language arts, reading and other subjects. Holly Briggs is an art teacher attending from South Knoxville.

“The opportunity is incredible to have this gathering of like minded individuals who feel that arts immigration is an integral and vital part of the modern classroom."

Educators say including the arts in the classroom makes it easier for students to learn and to retain information.

Ann Brown, The Director of Arts for The Tennessee Arts Commission said MTSU was the ideal location for the conference.

“We have MTSU faculty who are not only presenting but participating in the sessions as well and its our hope that they will then take this information and share it with their students who are pre-service teachers, who will then go out into the field and use these strategies. ”

Create 2012 continues through Wednesday afternoon.