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Mid-State Reaction to Colorado Shooting

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (NELSON) -- Last Friday's mass shooting in Colorado continues to be the topic of conversation nationwide. WMOT News spoke with students on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University to get their reaction to the  tragedy.

Twenty-four year old James Holmes is the primary suspect in the shooting. Holmes is accused of entering a packed Colorado movie theater and opening fire on the audience. Twelve people died while 58 people were injured.

MTSU student Parham Abdi says the shooting left him feeling vulnerable.

“I mean, who do you want to trust anymore, I mean you think that people who are in the academic area - who are more educated - they are supposed to handle situations better; I mean, the mental situation, the feeling situation. I feel so, so bad. I feel, I’m insecure really. I don’t know who I can trust.”

While Abdi focused on feelings, student Adam White focused on the political issues involved.

'One thing I can’t believe is that there was no one in there that had a concealed weapon that would have been able to stop him and I think if someone would of that the carnege would have been a lot less and now that this has happened they ‘re going to try to control guns more and it’s something that doesn’t need to happen."

Student John Butler is looking ahead to Holmes’ trial and possible punishment.

“I thought it was terrible, you know, he killed 12 people and I hope he gets the death penalty.”

Holmes made his first court appearance yesterday. He’ll be held without bond until his trial begins.