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Willamson County farm family provides a unique product


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (GALLANT)  --  There are two emerging trends in farming and they are thriving at polar opposite ends of agriculture. Both can be seen at work here in Middle Tennessee.

On one hand you have ever larger commercial operations that produce crops and livestock on an industrial scale. At the other end of the spectrum you have small farmers who provide food products directly to their neighbors in what’s come to be called Community Supported Agriculture.

Small farmers, like Williamson County’s Dustin and Justyne Noble, are going still further and specialize in a single, unique food product in what’s often referred to as boutique farming.

The Noble’s provide goat’s milk products that can be found in dairy cases all across Middle Tennessee.

Dustin and Justyne Noble met over their love for farming and wanted to find a way to make their hobby sustainable.

"We both had goats from the time we were little,” Justyne explained. “His parents got goats in order for his brother and him to have a source of milk because they had a cow milk allergy and I had goats as a 4-H project."

The couple met while showing goats at a competition on a farm in Iowa. They launched their farming business in 2009. Noble Springs Dairy is home to some 170 goats and sits on 200 acres just outside the Franklin city limits.

"We milk. We take care of the animals daily. We make all the cheese and we deal with taking orders from costumers…getting the product to costumers. Just a wide variety of things," Dustin said.

Noble Springs Dairy offers several different goat’s milk products that provide dietary alternatives to cow’s milk.

"Goat milk products are a healthy alternative for people who are looking for an alternative to cow’s milk dairy products. They're easier to digest than cow’s milk products for some people. so that's one of our markets,” Dustin explained.

The Noble say that goat milk products not only help those with cow’s milk allergies, but insist they are also a healthier choice.

“Our cheese is a little healthier than some comparable cow’s milk products. its lower in fat and cholesterol,” Dustin said. “So some people are able to consume goat milk products on diets that are suppose to be dairy free diets."

Justyn says that beyond health concerns and business considerations, their goats are just fun to be around.

"I think sometimes people don't realize how personable and sweet goats can be and that all of ours are here and have a name and kind of a important spot in our little farm family. So they're able to go out and graze. They're just fun to be around,” she said.

Noble Springs Dairy products can be found in local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets in the Greater Nashville area.

You can also visit the dairy website.