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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Senate hopeful Marsha Blackburn


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  WMOT is spending the summer talking with the 2018 mid-term candidates for statewide office.

On Thursday we spoke with Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn who hopes to win Tennessee’s junior Senate seat.

Blackburn announced her candidacy last fall using a YouTube video to introduce herself. She begins that video by saying:

“I’m a hard-core, card carrying Tennessee conservative. I’m politically incorrect and proud of it.”

That conservatism is perhaps most clear in Blackburn's take on immigration, where she's closely aligned with President Trump.

“Securing that southern border, ending sanctuary city policies, ending chain migration, and the visa lottery system.”

But on the issue of trade policy Blackburn sounds more cautious, saying she’s “very concerned about the tariffs” President Trump recently imposed on major trading partners.

“We want to make sure bad actors are punished and the American worker and the American consumer are not going to see any adverse impact.”

In that campaign launching YouTube video, Blackburn calls the Senate “totally dysfunctional” but during our conversation said she is willing to work across the political aisle. Blackburn notes a bill she worked on with a Democratic colleague in the House to address the rising number of suicides.

“This will…allow the FCC to establish a national suicide hotline. It will be an N11 like our 911 system."

When asked about new initiatives Blackburn mentioned legislation to make hearing aids available over the counter and efforts to expand internet access in rural communities.

WMOT has invited every candidate for statewide office to talk with us. We’ll share those conversations with you as we hear from each one.

Use the link below to hear the complete interview with Congresswoman Marsh Blackburn.

Listen to an interview with Tenn. Senate Candidate Marsh Blackburn recorded June 14, 2018.