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It's VERY Franklin: Pilgrimage Festival to be foodie friendly


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  If you’ve had your fill of corn dogs and turkey legs at this summer’s festivals and fairs you’ll be happy to learn next month’s Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival in Franklin is trying something novel.

Strategic Hospitality’s Max and Benjamin Goldberg, the brothers behind such unique Nashville restaurant as The Patterson House, Aerial and Bastion, are partnering with Pilgrimage to curate a rotating schedule of chefs to cook during the festival.

On the list so far, Trey Brunett and Jessica Benefeld of Two Ten Jack, Julia Sullivan of Henrietta Red, Josh Habiger of Bastion, and Lisa White of Killebrew.

Nashville Chef Levon Wallace says Pilgrimage Festival organizers told Strategic Hospitality there were no limits.

“Hey, if we could do anything what would we do? What kind of experience could we provide as we shoot for the stars here?”

Wallace says the foodie experience will get underway early, with morning pastries.

“Provided by one of our friends, Lisa White from Killebrew and L.A. Jackson over at the Thompson Hotel. Kind of a pop up coffee shop if you will.”

Wallace says that offering will be followed by dishes cooked up in what he describes as an open pit kitchen theater.

“Josh Habiger might be serving a very, very special – whatever he decides to make from two to four, and then from four to six it could be Gerard Craft from Pastaria serving something unique.”

Giving both your ears and your taste buds the Pilgrimage experience won’t come cheap, only those bearing VIP passes will have access to the unique food offerings.

Would you like to visit the Strategic Hospitality website?