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Liner Notes

Brendan Benson - Dear Life


It has been an uncharachteristically chilly and wet spring in Nashville. No sun many days, raining off and on, making it too muddy for a hike. Still, it is not bad for days spent listening to new releases, including Dear Life, from Michigan-born, Nashville-based Brendan Benson

Released Friday, April 24th via Third Man Records, Dear Life is the first new album in seven years from Benson, who produced and performed the record, almost entirely, at his Readymade studio in Nashville. Along with Jack White Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, Benson is a co-founder of The Raconteurs. The band released and toured a new full length in 2019, and Benson had previously spent some time producing Nashville string band, The Howlin' Brothers.

This new 11-track effort spotlights Benson's talent for catchy hooks, interesting arrangements and heartfelt lyrics. It serves mostly as a love letter to life, songs like "Richest Man" and "Good to Be Alive" are sonically very different, yet echo the same sentiment of gratitude. Be listening for songs from Brendan Benson on upcoming Local Brew episodes. 

- Ana Lee

Ana Lee is on middays at WMOT, and is also the host of The Local Brew Hour, which airs Sundays at 7am and Mondays at 7pm on 89.5 WMOT and wmot.org