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Nashville's COVID-19 case counts have risen 3 weeks in a row


(Mike Osborne) — Metro Nashville’s latest COVID-19 numbers were a mixed bag this past week, according to data released Wednesday by health officials.

On the plus side, the city reported some of the lowest case numbers seen since the pandemic began.

Just one new virus related patient was admitted to a Metro hospital this past week. Compare that to early January when 80 Nashvillians were admitted to hospitals in a single seven-day period.

Music City recorded just three COVID-19 deaths this past week. That's a remarkable improvement over mid-February when 39 city residents died in a single, seven-day period.

On the down side, the number of new infections being reported citywide has been rising slowly, but steadily now for the past three weeks. That in spite of the fact that many people now use home covid tests that are not reported by the state.

The Metro Health Department COVID-19 dashboardshows the active case, fatality , and test positivity rates are all on the rise again after falling for most of the year.