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What Nashville voters should do if given the wrong ballot when voting on Tuesday


(Mike Osborne) — Nashville election officials have provided instructions for any Metro voter who receives the wrong ballot when attempting to vote in Tuesday's general election.

The Davidson County Election Commission said yesterday it can't be certain that all voters will get the correct ballot when they show up at the polls. Election officials blame the ongoing problem on computer software used to reassign voters to new districts after Tennessee's GOP dominated legislature split Nashville's formally unified voting district into three pieces.

Any voters given ballots for the wrong district during Tuesday's voting will be permitted to cast provisional ballots at the poll location they were assigned.

The 438 misassigned Metro residents who cast the wrong early voting ballots will also be given a chance to cast provisional ballots on election day, but can only do so at county election headquarters on Murfreesboro Pike.

Nashville Councilman-at-Large Bob Mendes on Tuesday posted a letter from Metro Election Commissioner Jeff Roberts offering last minute advice for voters:

Bob Mendes