Jessie Scott

Program Director/Host

Jessie Scott is WMOT program director, afternoon host and host of Wired In. Scott has a long history in radio and was the creator of XM's X Country channel.

Scott handles all music submissions for WMOT, booking for Finally Friday, Wired In and 895 Fest.


Throughout this pandemic year a couple of themes kept surfacing: How important music is, and how necessary radio has become. It is almost like it was a rediscovery of what is important to our lives, as we stayed put and didn’t go to work, venues, or stores, even. This week is WMOT’s Spring Fund Drive, and as you have conveyed that we have helped you through, we are now asking for your support. Please give what you are able to at, whether it’s a one-time, monthly or yearly tax-deductible donation, whatever fits your budget. 

Marcus King got together with WMOT host Jessie Scott for a Words & Music session to talk about life in quarantine and to look forward to The Grammys. King's album El Dorado has been nominated for Best Americana album. The Grammy ceremony will take place on January 31st. Songs are Wildflowers & Wine, Beak and Love Song.


Friday was the release date for the brilliant new Jayhawks album, XOXO. This one is deep and rich with that glorious Jayhawks sound with memorable hooks and harmonies and tunes. Gary Louris commented, “The Jayhawks are a true band, one where everyone’s an equal, and we wanted to make a record that reflected that.”

Kalen & Aslyn “Don’t Take It Out On Me”

You might not know their names under this new moniker, Kalen & Aslyn, but you just might be familiar with their music. Kalen enjoyed his first national notoriety with the psychedelic Southern Rock band Ponderosa, while Aslyn was a solo artist with a Top 40 single, “Lemon Love.” The duo met in Atlanta, where Kalen & Aslyn launched the synth-pop duo Dega. Kalen & Aslyn bring a new album on July 10th, Back of Our Minds, which brings a California country sensibility to a set of emotionally honest, gossamer spun tunes. 

The Mavericks have become quite the force of nature since they reunited back in 2012. And they have been checking ‘must do’ things off their list, like going to Cuba to make the PBS special Havana Time Machine, and starting their own label and management company. The latest wish fulfillment is recording a Spanish Language/Latin Music album En Espanol. Of course, Tex Mex and Tejano have always factored into their rich tapestry of sonics. It is an American melting pot, as is the band itself.