Val Hoeppner

Executive Director

Val Hoeppner is the executive director of WMOT 89.5, executive producer of Wired In, 895 Fest, 895 Sessions, 895 Feast and the AmericanaFest Day Stage presented by WMOT, World Cafe and NPR Music. Hoeppner joined WMOT in 2014 and helped transition WMOT from mixed format to American Roots in 2016.

Hoeppner also serves as the director for the Center for Innovation in Media at MTSU, supporting student media at Middle Tennessee State University.

Hoeppner moved to Nashville in 2008 to work for John Seigenthaler as the director of education for the Diversity Institute after a 20-year career in newspapers and media.

Zach Schmidt performs "Concrete Dreams", "I Can't Dance", "Back Around" and "Foregone Conclusion" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

S.G. Goodman performs "Space and Time", "Super Tramp", "Red Bird Morning" and "Big Girl Now" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Israel Nash joins Words and Music from his home in Texas for an interview and performance of "Stay", "Canyon Heart" and "Down in the Country" from his new album, 'Topaz'.

Melissa Carper performs "Would You Like to Get Some Goats?", "Back When", "Arkansas Hills" and "My Old Chevy Van" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

MELD performs "Send Me A Mountain", "Find A Light", Finding the Magic" and "Freedom" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Rev. Peyton, of Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, joins Words and Music to talk about their new album, 'Dance Songs for Hard Times' and perform "No Tellin' When", "Too Cool to Dance", and "Ways and Means".

Mac Leaphart performs "That Train", "Blame on the Bottle", "Bob Yamaha or a Simple Plea in C Major" and "Window from the Sky" from his album 'Music City Joke' for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Cristina Vane performs "Heaven Bound Station", "Blueberry Hill", "Badlands" and "Prayer For The Blind" from her record 'Nowhere Sounds Lovely' for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.