Nashville Symphony hopes to inspire minority artists

Oct 2, 2015


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WMOT)  --  The Nashville Symphony is launching an effort to develop a larger talent pool of minority artists.

Calling the initiative Accelerando, the Symphony says its musicians will begin providing one-on-one musical instruction to 24 gifted children. The first of those children will be selected this coming spring.

Symphony President Alan Valentine notes that while minorities make up about 30 percent of the nation’s total population, only about 5 percent of orchestral musicians come from diverse backgrounds.

“Youth from these underrepresented groups do not always have the resources and opportunities they need to develop their talents and fulfill their potential. The ultimate goal of Accelerondo program is to provide these resources, a-nd in the process build a pipeline of talent musicians from diverse backgrounds who will form the next generation of orchestral musicians.”

Children chosen for Accelerondo will continue tutoring with Symphony musicians through the end of high school with the goal of getting them into advanced music programs.

In addition to tutoring. students will be given opportunity to participate in solo recitals, ensemble performances, workshops and camps, along with help acquiring instruments.

Click on the "play" > button below to listen to the entire press conference announcing the launch of the Accelerondo initiative.