TDOT's I-440 repacing project on schedule, on budget

22 hours ago

Credit TDOT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- The Tennessee Department of Transportation's I-440 repaving project is enterting a new phase.


Monday night traffic through the construction zone was rerouted from the outside lanes to new inside lanes between West End and Brightwood. Over the coming weeks TDOT says construction crews will continue to shift lanes until traffic across the entire construction zone is moved to the new asphalt.


State Project Manager Clayton Markham says motorists need to be especially cautious during this latest phase of I-440 reconstruction.

“With the barrier on both sides we ask that everybody do please obey the speed limit, watch how fast they’re going. There’s a lot of workers, a lot of vehicles moving in that area.”

Markham warns the project will cause a significant traffic disruption downtown this fall. TDOT will completely shut down traffic on I-440 and I-65 downtown where I-440 passes over I-65 during the weekend that begins on September 20. TDOT will add a third lane to the overpass.


Markham notes the $153 million I-440 project is on schedule and should be completed by August of 2020.