TENNESSEE 2020: Pro-gun group to continue push for 'open carry'

Jan 9, 2020

Credit tennesseefirearms.com

NASVHILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- The Tennessee’s General Assembly opens its 2020 session next week, so WMOT is exploring the legislative priorities of various mid-state constituencies.

Today we talk with John Harris of the pro-gun group Tennessee Firearms Association.

Harris says the organization’s top priority continues to be so-called open carry; the right to openly carry a firearm virtually anywhere, anytime, without regulation.

“Four states that touch Tennessee have already passed those laws, and like I said, with 17 other states total doing it Tennessee should join that trend.”

Harris says Tennessee Firearms Association will work to repeal a law passed last year that established a second type of concealed handgun carry permit. TFA says the law is sowing confusion while offering gun proponents few advantages.