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The World Takes a Trip to Crazy Town for 3-8-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

We draw the week to a close with latest on the crisis over Crimea.  Our correspondent Natalia Antelava continues her superb reporting from the ground there. Also today, what would Ronald Reagan do? Historian Suzanne Massie advised Reagan during the height of the Cold War. We'll speak to her about the Russian world view and stories from Reagan's oval office.

In other news, we take a trip to Crazy Town.  We'll talk to reporter Robin Doolittle, whose new book -- called, yes, Crazy Town --  chronicles the bizarre rise and fall (?) of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

We also check in on the Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa.  Local journalist Gia Nicolaides of Eye Witness News will tell us what happened this week in court and the issues it raises for South Africans.

As part of our Global Nation beat, our own Monica Campbell profiles Salma Salman, an LGBT refugee from Iraq now living in the Bay Area.

And finally, Carnival wraps up in Brazil this weekend. In a wild twist, some Brazilians are changing the lyrics of traditional carnival songs and turning them into protest anthems. Catherine Osbourne has the story.