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Narenda Modi, a Man Who Some Say Runs the World's Messiest Democracy on The World for 4-9-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

"I remember how we left the house and went to hide in the school where my father used to teach."

Today, we feature the moving story of Anna Mujawayo and her family, all of whom were caught up in Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Reporter Joyce Hackel, who met members of the Mujawayo family in Rwanda in 1995, catches up with the family now to find out how they are coping 20 years later.

Plus, the man who looks set to run the world's largest, some would say messiest, democracy -- India. Narendra Modi, a Hindu nationalist, elicits strong reactions, both negative and positive, from Indians. Reporter Megan Williams has been taking the pulse of voters in Varanasi.

Also, a couple of painting-related stories for you today. The first concerns looted art in Germany, and the other comes out of Hong Kong, where there are fears that janitorial staff may have thrown away a priceless painting. And if you think that sounds bad, wait until you hear Philip Hoffman's tales of art-related accidents. Hoffman, who used to work at Christie's auction house, remembers a Rembrandt that went through a shredder.