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More on the Crisis in Ukraine on The World for 4-16-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

The crisis over eastern Ukraine ratchets up one more notch as separatists hoist Russian flags on Ukrainian army vehicles there. The BBC's David Stern has the latest from Donetsk. And we'll learn about a folk song that's become an anthem of pro-Western demonstrators in Kiev.

Clark Boyd brings us this week's Sideways Glance. It features Katerina Kamprani, an Athens-based architect who, because of the economic crisis, hasn't gotten a lot of work in the past few years. Her life got so uncomfortable that she decided to channel her feelings into a new design project, where she takes everyday objects and makes them ALMOST, but not quite, completely unusable. She calls the set "The Uncomfortable."

The Indian film The Lunchbox, now out in theatres, centers around a lunch box delivery mix-up in Mumbai. In one scene, the main character confronts the lunchbox delivery man, telling him that he's delivering her box to the wrong location. The man says that's impossible and sites a Harvard study about the dabbawalla system. Marco speaks with Harvard Business School professor Stefan Thomke who is the author of that study.

Plus, reporter Ben Gilbert takes us inside a reknowned Saudi terrorist rehabilitation center where "beneficiaries" learn that "only the prince has the power to declare Jihad."