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The World Explores What to do with a Dead Whale About to Explode in Newfoundland for 4-30-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

What do you do with a dead whale that may be about to explode? Good question. Hang on a minute, we'll get back to that.

Iraqis head to the polls today to elect a new government. Here at The World, we remember the heady days of the last election, when many in the country expressed optimism and pride at the thought of exercising the right to elect their own government. How have things changed in Iraq in the past few years? We'll hear from reporter Jane Arraf, who has lived and worked extensively in Iraq.

Also, last night's botched execution in Oklahoma got us asking some admittedly grim global questions about the death penalty worldwide. How do countries that have the death penalty carry out executions? If they do it via lethal injection, where are the drugs made? We'll be trying to answer those questions for you today.

Plus, we'll introduce you to Shaun Usher, a Brit whose blog, Letters of Note, digs into some of the funniest, most touching correspondence ever put on paper. It's worth a nice, long listen, we assure you.

And back to that whale. Trout River, Newfoundland has a problem. A big, dead bloated whale that's about to explode. It's driving tourists away, and everyone's wondering what to do with it. We speak with Trout River bed and breakfast owner Doris Sheppard.