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Ebola on The World for 10-13

Ebola's on our mind today and not just because of a scare about a possible case in our home town of Boston. We plan to check in with one of the countries with the highest number of Ebola cases, Sierra Leone. We'll find out why their national soccer team is being treated like a pariah. Also, are you still unsure about how the Ebola virus works and how it spreads so easily despite all the precautions? We've got Ebola 101 on The World today.

And, the US military still has a ban on transgender people serving. But a lot of them do. One estimate puts it at 150,000 who now serve or have served in the military. We have one transgender veteran's story.

We'll also get an update on South African athlete Oscar Pistorius. His sentencing hearing, following his conviction for unlawfully killing his girlfriend, began today.

And we close our Columbus Day edition of The World with the music of Brazilian singer-songwriter Moreno Veloso , son of the legendary Caetano Veloso. And we can we just say, like father like son.