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Zambia Celebrates its 50th Birthday Today on The World for 10-24

It's not just Friday. It's Zambia's birthday too! More on that in a minute.

First, we want to let you know that Carol Hills is in the host's chair today.

New York City has its first confirmed case of Ebola. Also, the West African nation of Mali, which had so-far managed to avoid any cases of Ebola, announced that one person there has the disease. The World Health Organization says that it expects the outbreak to get much worse before it gets better. We'll explore where we are with the development of vaccines against Ebola, and The Economist's Kenneth Cukier will tell us how cell phone data, text messages and tweets can all be harnessed to help understand and stop the spread of Ebola.

Carol's usual beat on The World is satire, and she's got a couple of interviews that fit that bill. She speaks with Nik Rabinowitz, a South African satirist, about the sentence handed down to Oscar Pistorius this week. She also talks with Flemming Rose, the Danish editor who originally commissioned the Mohammed cartoons which angered many in the Muslim world, and in Denmark.

And back to Zambia. The African nation is celebrating its 50th birthday today, and Zambian Laura Miti's got a lot to say about it. Tune in for that.