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More on President Obama's China Trip on The World


How two best friends first met when the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. More on that story in a minute.

First, though, we follow President Obama to China, where he is meeting with leaders from many Asian nations. But even as the President continues to try to "pivot to Asia," American corporations may not be following his lead. There's evidence that some are giving up on China as a place to do business.

Also, we'll have the first of our series of profiles of young people living in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Today, reporter Ari Daniel profiles Karen, a young Syrian refugee from Aleppo. Marco also speaks with photographer Rania Matar, who has been making portraits of many of these young Syrian refugees as part of her latest project.

Plus, India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, likes yoga so much that he's appointing a minister for the study and practice of it. His inspiration? Swami Vivekenanda, who is also responsible for introducing many Americans to the practice of yoga back in the late 1800s, early 1900s. We'll hear more about Vivekenanda from an American follower today.

Back to the Berlin Wall story. Leslie Roisin is now an editor at German public radio. But in 1989, she was 20 year old student, working at a West Berlin radio station. Cornelia Saxe was the same age, but lived on the Eastern side of the wall. Today, we'll tell you how the met, and how they've remained good friends.