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Canadian Beagle Miss P on The World for 2-18

Miss P steals the show at the Westminster Kennel Club. More on the British Columbian beagle in a minute.

First, though we're spending a good portion of the program today talking about ISIS, and efforts to counter their message. We'll speak with Graeme Wood, who has written about ISIS for The Atlantic, about the extremist group's ideology. Then, we'll take you to Libya, where ISIS has made huge inroads in the past few months. Host Carol Hills, in for Marco Werman, hears more on that from Libyan analyst Mohamed Eljarh.

Plus, we continue to cover events in Ukraine. Today, there are reports that the majority of Ukrainian army troops have pulled out of the key town of Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine, where heavy fighting had continued after the ceasefire took effect this past weekend. We'll get the latest from the ground. We'll also speak with long-time Russia watcher Fiona Hill, who will tell us how Putin is playing European nations off of one another in a bid to increase his power and influence.

We've also got a story from Shanghai on preparations for the start of Chinese New Year, and the tale of a Somali woman who has taken to Instagram to change perceptions of her country.

Now back to the beagle. Miss P took best in show at Westminster. We're trying to track down her owners for the show today.